Press & Praise for Another Bread Company

“This is a very belated follow-up about the extraordinary artisan loaf of bread you so kindly delivered to my family at the Holiday Inn express in Solvang during the last week of August. My son and I went birding early the very next morning and your bread went along for the ride. How delicious! I know not the secrets of the birds songs, but we sang your praises! There may have been a few afternoon wine/brew stops as we meandered back to Solvang. Consequently, this was a one-way trip for most of your remarkable bread. Thanking you from Florida, we look forward to…next time. Importantly, the respectful manner you placed the still warm bread into my hands was noticed and appreciated. You are indeed, Another Bread Company and so much more!” ~ M.B., Florida

“Bread was wonderful – the texture was great. Enjoyed it toasted in the mornings… Really liked the appearance of the bread too.” ~ S.W., Solvang, CA

“…well, we cut the bread open last night to nibble on and then it was almost gone by the end of the night! Super tasty and love the textures. I made a grilled sandwich with it, too! Grilled bread with butter, melted cheese, hot turkey, basil leaves, organic lettuce, avocado, mustard, mayo. Yummers. Also liking the bagels. Just need a schmear. Ha.” ~ R.S., Ojai, CA