Who we are…
Another Bread Company, a Sparks Brothers Bakery, officially opened for business in Solvang, California in June of 2013. We are a craft food purveyor, operated by baker / owner, James Sparks, providing hand-made, home-baked artisan bakery goods to Santa Ynez Valley locals and visitors, alike. We offer pre-order services with both delivery and pick-up options, as well as a Monthly Bread Club Subscription-based service.

Our first two products to launch, were our “Artisanal Craft Loaves” and New York-inspired “Real Bagels”, both made with organic ingredients. Our signature Artisanal Craft Loaf is at its root, a sourdough bread – or “pain au levain” – leavened with naturally-occurring wild yeast starters rather than commercial baker’s yeast. “Peasant” loaf by design, these organic loaves’ have our signature crust with a wide network of interior air tunnels, creating a pillow-y soft, mildly-sour, slightly nutty crumb.

Our Artisanal Craft Loaves will almost always differ by variations in shape, color and texture, due to the bread’s hand-made quality and the loaves’ organic nature. We utilize a small batch mixing process, which allows us to give each loaf our utmost attention, and also affords us deliberate control over the fermentation process – thus maximizing the quality of each loaf.

Our mission with Another Bread Company is to keep things real, local, natural and organic. As we expand our product line-up, we intend to integrate other local ingredients and food products into our own items, in addition to the local honey currently found in our bagels. Our bread is a natural compliment to the wine from this region, as well as a host of other locally-grown and locally-produced food products.

We want you to get back into bread. Back into really enjoying one of the most basic, but fundamental, food sources in our world. Back into how fulfilling, flavorful and fantastic a simple rustic loaf, or East Coast-type bagel, can really be…we hope that our bread moves you to create your own enjoyable experiences, surrounding our oven-baked creations.

Another Bread Company is currently accepting orders for our Artisanal Craft Loaves and our Real Bagels, as well as some newer additions. Ordering details and further information can be found, here. We plan to expand our product lines on both a seasonal and ongoing basis, and also plan to have full event catering services available, for bread courses and beyond.

For more information about Another Bread Company, our products, or for any additional requests or inquiries, please contact Anna Ferguson-Sparks at 1.877.327.2656 or anna@anotherbreadcompany.com.